Things have "perked up" a lot since we complained about having nothing to blog about. Mr. Abramoff, is that a new House Majority Leader you have in your pocket -- or are you just happy to see us?

Breaking news gives us a hard-on! (And yes, that's one thing the New Wonkettes can offer that the Original Wonkette never could.) The AP reports:

john boehner.jpgRepublican officials say Rep. John Boehner of Ohio has been chosen House majority leader. Boehner defeated Rep. Roy Blunt of Missouri, 122-109, after lagging behind his rival in a first, inconclusive ballot.

Boehner campaigned as a candidate of reform, and said his experience as chairman of the House Education and Workforce Committee had demonstrated his ability to pass major legislation.

roy blunt.jpgStop smiling so much, Roy -- you lost! Even though you had the advantage of being acting leader, your candidacy was doomed from the start. How could you compete with the "Sinatra good looks and style" of John Boehner -- to say nothing of his highly suggestive last name, which definitely gets people to sit up and take notice?

So let's get this straight: Boehner will be following DeLay. Um, isn't that kind of like putting the cart before the horse?

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