We couldn't find the Hitler one - WonketteRemember that semi-clever YouTube mix of the famous Apple 1984 commercial and Hillary's acceptance speech? We posted it a few weeks ago and couldn't imagine ever thinking about it again, but it apparently became a BIG SCANDAL and was even in this week's Economist. WTF? Now the guy who threw it together is taking credit for it on Huffington Post -- where he's one of the 7,000 bloggers -- and it turns out he sorta maybe worked on the Barry Hussein Obama campaign! Well, he worked for " an internet company that provides technology to several presidential campaigns," including Obama's. And Tom Vilsack's. So maybe he's responsible for Vilsack's Orwellian Hellscape Campaign, too!

The guy is also accused of POLITICAL DIRTY TRICKS because he pretended to be somebody else on the Internet message board or something. Join us tomorrow when the Hillary campaign is rocked by allegations of illegally copying a Shakira CD. This is already the most boring presidential campaign in history.

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