Trucker hat and sideboards, of course. - WonketteGuess what Jenna Bush is getting for Christmas? The love and awe of some Buenos Aires guy in a trucker cap who maybe makes $400 a month. Hooray for romance! It knows no boundaries!

Wonkette operative "Bill" has mysterious business ties with Argentina, which is why he keeps up with whatever the Bush Twins are doing down there. He translated a chunk of this article that reveals way too much about Ramiro González Palazzo and how impressed he is that a woman is allowed to have a credit card.

You know you want it, and it's after the jump.

Our Operative writes and translates:

Apparently Jenna has found love in the arms of a Porteńo (what residents of Buenos Aires are called) named Ramiro González Palazzo, a 25-year-old owner of a marketing agency. (Note: Most unemployed marketing people in Argentina have their own "marketing agency.")

He let it leak out that they will spend Christmas together. Ramiro says "Jenna is a 10. I don't have words to describe her. She is humble, simple and totally void of stardom."

He goes on to say that his girlfriend "enjoys every moment. What I admire about her the most is that when we go out to eat each pays for their own. She has a salary from her job and HER OWN CREDIT CARD" (emphasis mine).

My god! Tell Laura to get that girl home. This guy might make US$300-400 a month. He is in love with her credit card!

So that's why Jenna stayed behind when the U.S. Embassy told the Twins to get lost.

Much, much more as we get it.

Se supo: Jenna Bush tiene un novio argentino [26 Noticias]

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