Breaking! Jesus People Who Hate Hollywood Are Definitely Going To Boycott Hollywood


Oh man, now you have done it, Hollywood. All those years of unfettered liberal sex and drugs and violence! Religious people mumbled unhappily about that, but they never found the chink in your armor. Now you've made your fatal mistake: telling them that they can't cheat to get their awful song into the Oscar nominations.

Remember when we made you listen to that terrible Christian song, "Alone Yet Not Alone" and explained how the composer of said bad song, Bruce Broughton, had behaved with the very slightest teeny shard of impropriety in stone cold cheated his way into getting the nomination by personally reaching out to voters, a super no-no since he was once a governor of the committee and is also a current executive committee member? And then he explained how it was totally unfair that he can't cheat because other people had big ad budgets and he did not, therefore ipso facto also too cogito ergo sum it was not cheating?

Yeah, you should have listened, Academy, because now those God-bothering people that already hate everything you stand for and engage in culture scolding 24/7 are totally gonna boycott you. Take that, heathens!



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