BREAKING: Jon Stewart States the Obvious

Readers report in on the day's biggest story: "Jon Stewart just called Tucker Carlson a 'dick' in a feisty (to say the least) appearance on CNN's Crossfire, in which Stewart also blasted both Carlson and Paul Begala for producing political theater that utterly lacks journalistic content."

Further observations:

I hope you're watching Crossfire right now, Jon Stewart just called Tucker Carlson a "big dick." I just happened to flip on CNN, to see Jon Stewart on Crossfire. Wow, it is awesome. He told Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala that their show is "bad," that they are lowering public discourse, and that they are partisan hacks. Carlson is pissed. He and Begala keep trying to cut into him off, getting him to try to talk about his book. Carlson then said that Jon Stewart is up John Kerry's butt. Stewart said that Carlson was a 35 year old man with a bowtie, and that he is a joke. This is so great! The audience loves it, Carlson and Begala are scared and embarrassed.

And some rush transcription:

Tucker: You always scold people like this at dinner at your house?

Jon: If they have a show that's as stupid as this one.

Tucker: You know, you're not as fun as you are on your tv show.

Jon: You know what, you're just as big a dick as you are on your tv show.

Score: Fake News 1, Grown Men in Bow Ties 0.


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