We're reasonably sure that the Lamontling pictured here is 14-year-old Lindsay, not 19-year-old Emily, but it's Friday afternoon and we're lazy.

Joe Lieberman tries to convince us that his post-losing-primary bid for the Senate isn't a delusional farce by pointing to his state's large number of registered independents. And he's right: there are a lot of people in Connecticut who don't belong to any party, which obviously means that they're just waiting for a knight in shining armor to slap "Connecticut for" in front of his or her name and lead a charge to break America's stifling duocracy right open!

One of these people is apparently Ned Lamont's daughter. Which made things a little awkward at the polls Tuesday.

Emily Lamont registered in January 2005 as an unaffiliated voter. Only registered Democrats were eligible to vote in Tuesday's primary. Unaffiliated voters had until noon Monday to change their party status.


Lamont went to vote with her father at Greenwich High School on Tuesday morning. While a throng of media photographers surrounded her father around a voting machine, Lamont was told by the poll moderator that she was welcome to register as a Democrat but would not be allowed to vote. The moderator, Dolores Trudden, said Lamont protested that she was a Democrat. After the media left the polling place, Emily returned with her mother and a campaign staff member, Trudden said. During a tense exchange, the female staff member, whose identity is not known, demanded Lamont be given a provisional ballot.

The provisional ballot was ultimately rejected, along with the other five provisional ballots cast in Greenwich. Provisional ballots were introduced as part of the Help America Feel Like It Voted So It Doesn't Stand There At The Polls And Yell At Some Poor Retiree Volunteer Just Because It Screwed Up Its Registration Act of 2002.

Lamont's Daughter Wasn't On Voter List [Hartford Courant]


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