BREAKING: McCain, Hagel Double Team Rummy

AP is reporting that Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., has "no confidence" in Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, making him the second Republican senator in as many days to open fire on the Pentagon. Nebraska's Chuck Hagel took a few shots on CNN's "Late Edition" on Sunday. More from AP:

When asked if Rumsfeld was a liability to the Bush administration, McCain responded: "The president can decide that, not me."
Blam! Sock! Zowie! But we know Rumsfeld's not worried -- he had this all figured out years ago, writing in his famous "Rumsfeld's Rules": "If you are not criticized, you may not be doing much." And as we've seen in Iraq, he's been doing plenty. Besides, we go to war with the secretary of defense we have, not the secretary of defense we might want.

It was actually snappy quotes like that one that got Rumsfeld in trouble with Hagel this weekend. Hagel told Wolf Blitzer:

Secretary Rumsfeld's response to this young soldier -- that soldier and those men and women there deserved a far better answer from their secretary of defense than a flippant comment. That might work in a news room where you can be cute with the television audience but not when you're putting these men and women in harm's way.
Wait a minute. Chuck Hagel thinks Don Rumsfeld is cute? He's getting way off message now...

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Rumsfeld's Rules [Wall Street Journal]


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