BREAKING: New Osama Tape Released!

os.jpgIn his fourth taped message since September, Osama bin Laden has set his sights on Europe, calling for European powers to end their involvement in the war in Afghanistan and break off its alliances with the U.S. "Europe 'walked behind' the U.S. when it invaded Afghanistan," bin Laden said in the tape, according to Bloomberg News. "It would be better for you if your politicians who flock to the White House instead worked to end the wrong done to oppressed peoples.... the European countries in this war don't respect the conventions of war and are attacking women and children." Then he reminded us that he was, like, totally responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Our clip, after the jump.

No, seriously, we'll have the video or audio as soon as it's released by our governments. In the meantime, check out Osama's chicken.

Osama Bin Laden Calls on Europe to Quit Afghanistan [Bloomberg News]


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