So the next Democrat debate is going to feature questions from regular morons, in the form of YouTube videos. After the jump, we'll show you some other ones that Anderson Cooper better pick for the debate for the good of the nation.

We have no idea what this guy is whining about, but check him out!

What the fuck are you doing with your fucking hands, you fucking guy? But props for subtitling your gibberish!

Ha ha, shut up! And turn down your goddamned microphone. And what's with the eerie ghost child hovering in the door glass? Also, please clean up your house a little bit before making a video HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR THIS COUNTRY.

This stoner lady would like the Democrats to make milk cost 25 cents a gallon.

If Mitt Romney happens to attend the Democrats' debate, this crazy lady would like to know how many alien space gods he believes in.

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