Breaking: Pat Buchanan Wary of Brown People, 'Times' Reports

200px-Polkpolk.jpgDid you hear? Pat Buchanan has a new book out. It's called "State of Emergency: Your Children Will Eat Only Tamales and Sing 'La Cucaracha' All Day While Learning About Godless Pagan Aztecs and Worshiping Pancho Villa and It's All Your Fault." In case you hadn't heard, the Washington Times has been kind enough to run not one, but two high-profile pieces on this important new piece of fear-mongering.

First, Tony Blankley declared himself unprepared "for the remorseless presentation of unimpeachable facts with which he makes his convincing case" (and this is after months of training!) back on the 16th. He also proclaims Buchanan to be "positively fearless" and "right" about the clear and present danger to America's shared culture that foreigners pose. To demonstrate his sincerity, Blankley is promptly deporting himself back to England. No, wait, sorry, he's just going to continue blogging promoting nativism in a newspaper owned by a tax-evading Korean national/King of Peace.

Since then, the book became "news," and it's been rewarded with a front page piece by (former temporary Wonkette and all-around nice guy) Eric Pfeiffer, whose lede ought to be cut out and posted on the Times bulletin board as an example of how to make politically-motivated directives from your superiors read like real-life news copy.

In his book, however, Mr. Buchanan saves his strongest criticism for President Bush, writing: "Concerned about his legacy, George W. Bush may yet live to see his name entered into the history of his country as the president who lost the American Southwest that James K. Polk won for the United States."

Yes, Bush could only dream of being as universally revered and remembered as President James K. Polk -- why, we're getting excited just thinking about this year's Polk Day plans (it's coming up! Book your tickets now! Get your Compromise of 1850 costume out of the attic!). In fairness, though, Polk actually won his pointless war started under false pretenses.

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