BREAKING: Paul Wolfowitz Married? Not Really So Much

If Only They Had Been Puppets"The Press Trust of India" reports that Paul Wolfowitz married his "African Muslim" World Bank colleague Shaha Riza "recently," and "in absentia." Does that mean she didn't get to run her fingers through his hair? The short article strikes many odd notes (not sure where they get "African" for Saudi-born Riza) (article still odd, but Riza was actually born in Tunisia. Wonkette regrets the error.) and seems to be based on Wolfowitz's acceptance of well-wishes from a NGO activist -- "I understand congratulations are in order for your recent marriage this afternoon," to which he responded, "Thank you." But we wonder if that exchange wasn't just a winking acknowledgment of the street-theater protest that had just taken place outside the meeting: "Members of the Mobilization for Global Justice, Sameer Dossani, left, Basav Sen, center, and Vineeta Gupta stage a theatrical protest, Thursday, Sept. 22, 2005, in Washington. The organization held a mock wedding ceremony of the Pentagon, played by Dossani, and the World Bank, played by Gupta and Sen portrayed Paul Wolfowitz as the wedding minister." This is the kind of confusion that happens when you stray from the giant puppet route.

[AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari]

World Bank alliance, ‘in absentia’ [PTI]

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