Dearest Readers:

Wonkette is experiencing a number of technical problems today. They, even more than the hangover one of us received as a souvenier of our trip to see Clap Your Hands Say Yeah last night, are making it extremely difficult (impossible, actually) for us to update at our usual breakneck pace. Investigations are still in an early stage, but it appears to be a Denial of Service attack originating from the ABC News Political Unit. Or just the general shittiness of the Gawker Media servers, it's too early to say. Regardless, we have our underpaid third-world tech team working on the problem, and it should be cleared up by the end of the day.*

In the meantime, we're just going to hope the City Council gives us the Gentrifier's Special and grandfathers our neighborhood into this "free wireless" thing. If they could maybe host our little website here too, while they're at it, it'd be greatly appreciated.

*Don't get your hopes up.

Also -- free wireless for the poor! Fantastic! What a great idea! Now they can read New Republic pieces on "consumer choice-driven health care reform" without having to pick up the print copy! You know, if they have laptops.

District to Seek Wireless Internet That Aids Poor [WP]


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