BREAKING: POLITICO SCOOP: 'Politico' Makes Hilarious Error

BREAKING: POLITICO SCOOP: 'Politico' Makes Hilarious Error

Oh dear, this poor POLITICO reporter was just trying to bring home the Hot Afternoon Scooplet to please her psychotic editors yesterday and -- oops! -- ended up making the funniest POLITICO error sincethat time they impregnated a Jonas brother over WHCD weekend. Everyone's making fun of you right now, reporter Donovan Slack, and we're going to have to do it too, but everyone screws up this badly sometimes. Well perhaps not this badly. The point is, take the rest of the day off and treat yourself to a few bottles of red wine. And then maybe spend a little time on Wikipedia looking up state flags?

Here's the cached version of the POLITICO article that was deleted shortly after it went online:

Yes, ye ol' Wisconsin 1848 Local flag was ripping in the wind yesterday. And yet: Doesn't that Union Flag sort of look exactly like the Wisconsin state flag at the top of the post, because it is the Wisconsin state flag and not a made-up union's flag?

Who could've known?

[via Jason Linkins/HuffPo]


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