• Because all Republican rhetoric is about how the ELITE represses the PEOPLE and we should always side with the PEOPLE against the ELITE and their SINISTER GOVERNMENT, you might think that America's actual economic elite would be opposed to Republican policies. You would be wrong, though! For instance, over the course of this cycle rich dude Bob Perry has spread a cool $11 million around among Karl Rove's American Crossroads election cabal and the Republican Governors Association. Also, radical outsider Tea Party candidates are getting campaign money from rich Wall Street fat cats, via John Boehner! [NYT, WP]
  • Harry Reid is all man, baby. ALL MAN! Also, he likes making Dick Cheney jokes. [WP]
  • Barack Obama recorded a video telling bullied gay teens that it will get better for them! Like, when DADT gets repealed and gay marriage is legal! You know, much later. [Fox]
  • Several high-profile races may be won by Latinos this year -- Republican Latinos! Don't they know that the Republican leadership will just wait for them to settle into their new office and work a couple of weeks, then call the INS on them right before they get their first paycheck? [WP]

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