BREAKING: Senate Meets in Secret Session

Harry Reid just called a secret Senate session, the first in 20 years. No press, no aides, no Blackberries! And it's a great idea for the Democrats: No one is paying attention to their criticisms of the Iraq war build-up, so close the Senate! "The public has a right to know! Turn off the cameras!"

And, man, is Senate Leader Frist pissed. Got all graphic in a mini-presser when the closed session was called, saying, among other things, he had been "slapped in the face" by Democratic leadership and "for the next year and a half I can't trust Senator Reid." Apparently it was all very well-choreographed, with all the Dem senators gathered for the moment that Reid triggered the closure. Not so well-choreographed: Leaving the Republican senators out in the hallway as the only ones available for comment. Way to control the narrative, guys! "It means the American people cannot know" what's going on inside, said Frist. Of course, with only Democrats in there at the moment, it's not like anyone in the chamber knows much, either.

Democrats Force Closed Meeting on Iraq [AP]


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