Breaking: Shade Cool! Sun Hot!

The heat has everyone at the Post a little woozy. How else to explain yesterday's lead Style section essay?

[L]et us consider that shade, descendant of Middle English's sceadu, is the land between light and dark. It is the world of in-between in which meaning is determined by the degree of diminished light. There is shade, the good girl of daylight and cool breezes. Then there is her naughty sister, shadow, that which makes dark things possible, some of them alluring in spite of their danger. Or maybe because of.
Yes, an essay about shade. Do you think this means we won't get an essay about shadow, the naughty sister? We're hoping they're still on track for the upcoming essays about ice, cool breezes, and talcum powder (and talcum powder's naughty sister, chalk!).

Fading Into the Shade [WP]


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