Jennifer Mau and her daughter

STOP THE PRESSES AND HOLD ON TO YOUR ASSES, we've got a #clickbait story for you! We saw a !!!1RawStory!!11!! headline that says, "Trump fans heckle 7-year-old girl with disabilities for trying to leave Colorado rally early," and we were all ready to be like AW NAW MOTHERFUCKER WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE FUCKIN' PEOPLE? But we read the source piece and found what happened was that a nice undecided voter named Jennifer Mau went to check out the Trump rally in Loveland, Colorado, but decided to leave early with her disabled 7-year-old daughter. Someone in the section where they were sitting -- which was full of other disabled people -- was unkind about them leaving, and mama got a bit pissed off:

When we were leaving, somebody said, 'Why are you leaving?' and basically struck a nerve," Mau said. "I said, 'Why are you here? He makes fun of people like you.'"

Several people yelled at her - one followed her, telling her if she loved her daughter she should vote for Trump -- until she said Secret Service escorted her out of the rally.

OK. So obviously mama was not happy, and she obviously knows how Donald Trump makes fun of disabled reporters and stuff, so she was ready to start some shit. According to ABC 7 Denver, Mau's daughter "was born without a jaw bone or ears and receives her nutrients from a feeding tube." So we kinda get where Jennifer Mau was at right then, and the fact she got yelled at for leaving is not altogether surprising.

But there is something surprising buried in the local news story:

Mau said she was saddened to be harassed for standing up for her daughter with disabilities, but she said she was happy to see some people walk out with her, saying her daughter is beautiful.


There is hope for America!

To those anonymous Trump supporters who were nice to the disabled girl and walked out in solidarity, Wonkette asks that you identify yourselves, so that we may gift you with the Wonkette Humanitarian Nice-Nice award, which comes in the form of a pair of panties with teeth, like so:


Does that apparel item not just SCREAM directly from the crotch region that you are a Trump supporter who is nice to people with disabilities? That is why it is the official Wonkette Humanitarian Nice-Nice award.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]In addition to claiming your prize, we ask those Trump supporters who were nice and said the disabled girl was beautiful to PLEASE reconsider your fucking life choices. Your candidate is AN ASSHOLE who is unkind to everyone, as vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine explained in Tuesday night's debate. He is hateful toward disabled people, black people, Mexicans, Syrian refugees, women ... the list is LITERALLY ENDLESS.

To recap, nice Trump supporters, this is what you do:

  1. Identify yourselves as the nice Colorado Trump supporters who were nice to that little girl.
  2. Collect underpants.
  3. PROFIT by reconsidering your life choices and deciding to join the Wonket community as fully credentialed Hillary-supporting Wonkers, all of whom wear their panties with teeth with such joie de vivre that you'd be forgiven for thinking they literally ain't got no panties on.

We look forward to hearing from you, and until then, go with God and stuff.

[RawStory / ABC 7 Denver]

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