BREAKING: Wall Street Journal Hates Obama's Thug 'Rap' Music


It may come as a shock to you, but the people at the Wall Street Journal are not fans of the hip-hop, and are particularly not fans of America's #1 hip-hop fan, Barack Obama! The nation's very important business newspaper has dedicated a number of column inches to outraged recapitulation of terrible rap lyrics, all of which is hilarious, but we feel the following set-up is the best of the bunch:

More from Lil Wayne, a native of New Orleans, the nation's perennial murder capital, who devotes his ingenuity to making black-on-black homicide sound fly:

And then there's some rap words, about murder. Kudos to the nameless copy editor who removed the scare quotes around "fly" at the last minute, and kudos to Barack Obama, for making murder rap the official national anthem, replacing the old national anthem, which was about white people killing each other for no good reason. [WSJ]


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