Breaking: Woman Forced to Live, Sleep With Osama bin Laden Not "Sex Slave"

KolaBoofLibrary.jpgIt was irresponsible of us to refer to memoirist Kola Boof as a "sex slave" in an earlier item today. Though we freely admit that we did so only to ensure that we'd receive a funny email from her publisher, which we did. It's after the jump.

Nafisa Goma, Senior Editor
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Diamond Bar, Ca. 91765
Telephone: (909) [Redacted]
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Dear Friends,

In your recent news item about Kola Boof, you reported that Kola Boof has described herself as the former "sex slave" of Osama Bin Laden.

Kola Boof has never called herself a "sex slave" and finds the term degrading and racist, not to mention a lie. She discussed this yesterday on MSNBC LIVE.

U.S. Media, who have made fun of Ms. Boof's name and her allegations in sensationalizing and mis-reporting the story, have given Ms. Boof this title to humiliate her, and Ms. Boof is greatly offended by it.

Kola Boof was Mr. Bin Laden's "mistress", she had a maid and supervised the staff at the estate. There is no way that anyone could read her autobiography and determine that she was a "slave".

We realize that this is not your fault, as the N.Y. Post started this and the ugly title trickled down to other media, but we hope you will not continue to outrage your black women fans by presenting this woman's experiences under the term "sex slave".

Nafisa Goma

We apologize. Here are some selections from Ms. Boof's memoir that ought to clear things up:

Soon after installing me in his estate in Marrakesh, Osama started to abuse me.

He would humiliate me by making me dance naked.

Yep! More of a "mistress who wasn't allowed to leave and was compelled to have sex with two long-dead terrorists" kind of arrangement. "Indentured career woman," or something.

His Prerogative [Harper's]

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