Breaking: You Were Right, They Were Wrong, Again

Four years after everyone already knew it (besides Hillary Clinton), the Defense Department has declassified documents that show, once again, that al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein had no relationship. So naturally Dick Cheney went on the radio yesterday to remind us all that al-Qaeda was already in Iraq before we got there, plotting to blow up our county fairs or something.

Where did this bin Laden + Saddam BFF 4-Eva idea come from? Why, from Doug Feith, the dumbest fucking guy on the planet of course! Not happy with the CIA's totally buzzkill intelligence estimate, he prepared his own report that said "Iraq totally did 9/11." Then he leaked it to the Weekly Standard.

How many more times do you think major news sources can report variations on this story on A1? Because we love to feel self-assured and righteously outraged in the morning, it helps with the hangover. We guess the institutional guilt of the Post for their role in disseminating Feith's bullshit will hold out at least until the next president convinces them to shill for a terrible mistake.

Hussein's Prewar Ties To Al-Qaeda Discounted [WP]


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