Breathe a Sigh of Relief for Not-Gay Superman

I know a lot of you have been totally worried about this, but the good news is here from Christian movie reviewer Ted Baehr of the new Superman is truly, madly, deeply not gay, and, no sir, he doesn't like the allegations one bit:

Rather, Baehr says all the evidence in Superman Returns points to the main character's love for Lois Lane. "So he doesn't give any evidence of being gay in the movie, except for the fact that he's a good looking guy with a strong physique," says Baehr. "If that makes you gay, then we've got to remove all the people in the Marines ... and all the people in football and everything else. That's absurd. Just because a person is good looking and has a good physique doesn't make them gay."
Is it just me or does Baehr, whose name reminds us a little bit of larger, hairier hairdressers, have a touch of longing in his voice for those damned rugged, chiseled, pretty, wholesome types who pass so easily?

For exhaustive coverage of gay or not-gay superman, visit our star-addled cousin in LA.

News Briefs (7th item) [Agape Press]


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