Breitbart-Palin Mob's Next Target: Andrew Sullivan

America's surly unemployed white mouse-clickers need a littledirection here. What website needs to be boycotted next? It appears it is Andrew Sullivan's "Daily Dish," because he has committed the Crime of repeatedly writing in a Disrespectful Way about Saint Sarah Palin and her baby. Do these people realize Andrew's site isn't just a couple of bloggers, but is actually part of the Daily Beast and Newsweek? Do they have enough twitterers and mouse-clickers on the 'puters to click every ad on a hundred years of Newsweek archives and send illiterate twats to every banner advertiser? Is Sarah Palin's army of deluded fools ready to go to bat? It's one thing to get a Democratic congresswoman shot -- that just takes one lunatic -- but it's an entirely different thing to ask people to wear out their clickin' fingers before their programs come on the teevee.

We told the Daily Beast "social media reporter" last week that we'd already been told by the wingnuts that "Andrew Sullivan is next," but the Daily Beast probably didn't mention that in their article on the "Wonkette controversy." Why would the wingnuts even tell us this, when we're just a tacky comedy blog? Who knows. They also spent a lot of brain energy calling us "faggots" again and again, so we can only assume that they assume that all of us gays communicate telepathically.

ALSO, fun fact: There is some amazing video of Andrew Breitbart from that cocktail party in Washington Thursday night, and as soon as the wrestling match between two very unlikely and very minor media outlets in D.C. can be resolved, we are going to post this video and a certain unnamed fun-loving conservative rabble rouser is probably going to be sharing a room at Detox Mansion with Lindsay Lohan.


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