Brews and Hos

* We can only imagine the pillow talk. [NYT, WP]

* Bush's hottest counterterrorism "expert" is dispatched to tell the world we're losing the war on terror, show some leg. [NYT]

* Also, fighting al Qaeda is Pakistan's problem. We have bigger clusterfucks to entrench ourselves in. [WT]

* WTO offers US Brazil, India in exchange for letting poor people grow their own food. US officials are expected to answer "no." [NYT]

* A journalist has discovered there's a problem with the rationale for the war. [WP]

* Senate welcome's Vitter back with open arms, cause after all, who hasn't had a kid with a New Orleans hooker. [The Hill]

* Looks like everyone can agree that every one of the Republican presidential candidates is fucking repulsive. [LAT]

* Bill Richardson wants to squeeze your breasts. [BG]

* In three months, presidential candidates spend on liquors what Wonkette interns do on any given Wednesday. [Politico]


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