Brian Ross & His Prop Phone Take Wonkette's Peabody Award

'Sherman, set the Wayback Machine for Cocktober 2006' - WonketteIf we were a little more gullible, today we would be the proud winners of the Peabody Award that's going to Brian Ross and his goddamned prop phone.

Ross won the coveted award for spreading all those filthy Mark Foley e-mails and IMs. Wonkette, on the other hand, simply posted the e-mails and said they were "obviously fake."

The result? All the Republicans got voted out, we lost the Iraq War, Newsweek published the worst cover in the history of printing, and Wonkette won a "Bloggie." Here is what we propose: Ross, you give us the Peabody and the prop phone, and you can have our Bloggie.

66th Annual Peabody Awards Winners Announced [Peabody]


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