Brian Ross Not Really a Political Blogger, Because He's Still Got a Sense of Humor

ABC News' man with the prop phone actually had a phone conversation with new-media guy Mark Glaser.

He's not a common Blogger, and nor are his 15 reporters.

Brian Ross is a Blotter:

* On proving the IMs weren't fakes: "Instead we called Foley's office at noon, an hour and a half after we got [the messages], and they called back an hour later, and said, "Yeah, those are his. He's going to resign and we want to make a deal with you not to use them." That's how they were authenticated, they said they were his."

* On convincing ABC News that The Blotter wouldn't emulate Wonkette: "Instead of being a blogger we're a Blotter. [laughs] I don't know that it makes a difference, everyone calls it a blog, but that satisfied some people here."

* On his deep love for crappy TV news features: "I think this is a brand new huge opportunity for journalists, because we're not limited to just doing happy talk or soft features -- our page has none of that."

* On dealing with illiterate ABC News producers: "The correspondents can all write, but the producers behind the scene, in many cases, they're just setting up interviews or going out and shooting scenes. Now you're going to have to know how to write."

* On being abused by Wonkette: "I actually think it's kind of fun. I have a thick skin when it comes to that -- you really have to. I think it's interesting. I enjoy reading about it. Certainly in the middle of the discussion is where you want to be. And I'm comfortable about everything I've done so it doesn't get to me."

Brian Ross: Foley Story a Watershed for ABC News on the Web [PBS Mediashift]


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