Briefing Room Witch Hunt

In retaliation over Jeff Gannon, the right wing guns for lefties who hang out in the White House Briefing Room. (Uh, kind of like shooting fish in a very tiny, pint-size barrel?) Soon, only the pure of heart may be allowed to enter the briefing room. It'll be just like Dune! To get near Scott McClellan, some witch will make you stick your hand in a mysterious box and you'll either die immediately or get to go to the gaggle.

We love tit for tat, but usually only when it involves actual tits. This is getting stupid. The only solution: clearly we must kill all the White House reporters and start over with cyborgs.

Left-Wing Activist Poses as Reporter At White House Press Briefing ["Men's News Daily" (Yes, the scare quotes are to indicate that the site is about as much a news site as, uh, we are.)]


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