'Bright Blue Scrotum' Hero Fired

The guy who made that video last week about John Gibson's obsession with the color of the Attorney General's scrotum has been fired, for being hilarious. John Sanders worked as a producer-reporter for WBAL-TV, an NBC affiliate in Baltimore. He allegedly used company equipment to make his little doctored video and then he put it up on YouTube for larfs.

Then the Huffington Post ruined his life by actually running the video and forcing other Web sites such as your own credulous Wonkette to run it, too. It just seemed so perfect, this clip that confirmed every libtard's worst suspicion about what the awful Republicans say in private, on their private radio shows. But the joke was on us, because of course John Gibson has never seen, and has no interest in, scrota of any sort.

Anyway, sorry John Sanders! You made a funny, and this is what you get.

WBAL-TV fires reporter over prank [Baltimore Sun]


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