Bright Young Thing Luke Russert Asks Nancy Pelosi Why An Old Lady Like Her Won’t Step Aside For Someone Young and Cute


So here is your video of Luke Russert being an ass to Nancy Pelosi at her press conference announcing she intends to continue as House Minority Leader. Because, surely there are some 24-year-olds who would be really good at Dem Leadering. Doesn't that old lady know that Gen Y always thinks they get to be the boss?

Oh, and speaking of boss, that is how Nancy handles the twerp: Like a BOSS.

Luke, we understand that with your immense qualifications as a journamalist, you may not actually know anything about age discrimination, women, or the intersection of the two, particularly since you work in a business where women are sent off to ride the Death Carousel as soon as they hit thirty.

But let us simply savor Pelosi's "I refuse to make an issue of your youth and inexperience' moment here:

"Oh you always ask that question except to Mitch McConnell."

"Let's for a moment honor it as a legitimate question."

And because she is diplomatic, she does not make creative use of her gavel.

[YouTubevia Kaili at DailyKos]

Doktor Zoom

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