Brilliant Strategy Document Reveals Secret 'Defeat Obama' Plan

Awkward.If you were John McCain and you had to defeat Barack Obama in order to become the world's oldest non-Communist President, how would you do it? (Keep in mind that you cannot point out that Obama is "urban" or "at risk.") The answer may surprise you!

According to The Page's Mark Halperin, the answer is simple, yet sophisticated: you point out to voters that Barack Obama is a Democrat. A biased press has often ignored this salient fact in the primaries, and Hillary Clinton has never really hit Obama hard on his known Democratic affiliations. Her failure to capitalize on this glaring weak spot might just end up costing her the nomination.

But can bet your bacon that John McCain will not make that same mistake! He will point out that Obama opposes the war, and exhibits other troublingly Democratic-type policy inclinations. This is how McCain will ride a "surge" of pro-war sentiment to the White House and another thousand glorious years in Iraq.

Things McCain Can Do to Try to Beat Obama That Clinton Cannot [The Page]


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