Bristol Palin Doesn't 'Have a Sexy Bone' In Her Body


Palin warblogger Adrienne Ross is an actual BLACK PERSON who runs MotivationTruth, which is of course aperfectly descriptive name for a blog about Sarah Palin. Ross was awarded an interview with Bristol Palin, and the lack of self-awareness by the two of them in this piece is rather entertaining. This girl dances on a reality teevee show because she is intelligent and entrepreneurial and cares a lot about her son, you see.

One challege she's had to face is feeling uncomfortable being sensual and sexual, both in attire and in dance movements, which is expected from "DWTS" participants. "I don't have a sexy bone in my body," Bristol said.

CURRENTLY. She doesn't have a sexy bone in her body CURRENTLY.

So how is she handling it? She says to herself, "I'm playing a character as any actor would do." This mindset has helped her relax and become more comfortable in the last few days.

Yes, a human being who has a sexual nature? That is a very strange character, which Bristol can pull off only because she is such a very good actress. Bristol is not interested in sex at all. She would never do such a thing.

The 19 year old does more than dance, and this is perhaps the most impressive thing about Bristol.

Yes, that probably is the most impressive thing about Bristol. Not only can she dance, she can do things like sleep and digest food and stand upright! What an amazing person.

2008 is behind us now, but 2012 is certainly on the minds of many in this country, so I asked the question. I did not ask Bristol if her mom would run for President of the United States, but I did ask her if she would like to see her mother run.


Palin run for the presidency. Bristol knows that her mother would be good for our country, and discussed the qualities the Governor possesses that would make her an effective leader. Bristol cited intelligence

Yep, definitely that one.

And here is the best ending to a profile piece ever:

Yes, she may have stumbled here and there, as her critics like to point out, but she's dancing now. Yes, she's dancing now.

We came. [MotivationTruth]


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