Bristol Palin hasa blog, you guys, and for serious we are so jealous! It is super exciting and insightful and intimate and well-written and she promises lots of neat stuff, like maybe a picture of Tripp with a mohawk, if you are very very good and buy her book and watch her show and watch her other show and go see her lectures on inspirationalism and how to become a grandmother by 30. Now, you might think the following posts are illiterate enough to have been written by Bristol herself, but as the godless heathens at ImmoralMinority point out, the posts were originally signed by longtime Palin apparatchik Nancy French, who was all whoopsie, nah nah nah mang, I was just showing her how to use WordPress.

Now, I’m mom trying to make a good life for a rambunctious little boy who loves to play hockey and ride on the snow machine. Over the past few years, I’ve made mistakes, I’ve learned some lessons, and I’m trying to be a good mom. After a few years of entering the public conversation in a very dramatic fashion, we’re doing well. We have a “fixer-upper” in Alaska which I’m remodeling, and we’re trying to forge a life for ourselves.

As you can tell, I’ve also decided to write a blog. Here I’d love to keep a record of the things that happen in my life and also to share them with my far-flung friends. Wasilla is my home, of course, but so many of you showed support to me as I struggled with a pregnancy I hadn’t planned, supported my mother when she ran for Vice President, voted for me when I was on Dancing with the Stars, and snatched up my book to make it a best seller. It’s been my privilege to get to know some of you – on the campaign trail, on my book tour, and even on Facebook. I hope you consider this blog a way for you to be a part of my life in Alaska without having to put on more layers, buy hand warmers, or wear boots!

Here on Lake Lucille, life is thankfully more ordinary than it has been the past few years. If you’d like to share in our lives by following my new blog, leave a comment below to automatically receive a weekly e-zine with my best entries! (Also, if you haven’t already, fan me on Facebook!) I’m thinking of posting a photo of Tripp with a Mohawk, doing some very fun giveaways, and maybe even comment on the next season of Dancing with the Stars.

Here is another blog, on the HBO Sarah Palin documentary Game Change.

Game Change

I didn’t watch the HBO film Game Change, but it seems that reasonable people of all political stripes can see how terrible our family was treated by the political staffers who were supposed to be helping us. (Have you ever considered Mom could tell that the people surrounding her were exactly the type of people who would betray her?)

Whatever happened to loyalty?

And, by the way, Mom… I think you’re more beautiful than any of your impersonators!

We can all see how terrible your family was treated, young miss! And also that your mother, former halfterm governor/iceroad trucker Sarah Palin was just too darned smart for those dumb campaign monkeys, saw right through 'em, and is in general an exalted goddess of sanity, self-awareness and mental health also too.

Bristol Palin's Mommy Blog Verdict: needz moar recipes!

Ingredients you'll need: two Taco Bell Enchilada Supremes. Mountain Dew.

Open the Taco Bell Enchilada Supremes. Eat them. Give the baby the Mountain Dew.

[Bristol's blog, via ImmoralMinority]

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