Brits Have Much To Teach Us About Prostitution-Related Political Scandals

While we lame Americans are sitting around waiting for the other shoe to drop on this whole Dusty Foggo/Randy Cunningham/whores, whores, whores situation, our mother country, jolly old England, is showing us how it's done. Alan Burkitt, a "councillor" (which we think is like being a city council member or state legislator or something like that) just pled guilty to charges arising from the following events:

* He was using the Internet to advertise prostitution services.

* The prostitute in question was his girlfriend (or, as the BBC charmingly calls her, his "partner").

* His girlfriend has an IQ of 52.

* Burkitt also advertised his own services, but, in the words of his own defense attorney, "to nobody's surprise there was little interest in him."

* His girlfriend ratted him out because she was convinced (wrongly) that he was seeing another woman.

Come on, Americans! Surely you can top this depravity. Did we fight for our freedom for naught?

Councillor sold partner for sex [BBC]


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