Broke Social Security System Means Boomers Really Will NEVER RETIRE

  • Judicial Watch obtained a Treasury Department memo under the Freedom of Information Act showing details of Hank Paulson's famous mid-October meeting with nine major banks. He basically said, "Take this government money or we will make you take it," and then they all wrote in by hand how much money they'd be taking. Bloomberg]
  • President Obama said he would not release a bunch of photos of detainee abuse because it would just cause another backlash against our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. [New York Times]
  • Lou Dobbs must be thrilled! The rate of immigration is slowing, due to the recession and post-9/11 immigration policies. It may take another decade beyond the old projections before we are all forcibly Mexicanized. [Washington Post]
  • Craigslist will no longer post free erotic services ads, but will instead run paid "adult services" ads, thus ending sex crimes and murder forever. [PC World]
  • Rapidly rising health care costs plus high unemployment equals no money for Medicare or Social Security. [Reuters]
  • In continuing "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" news, President Obama might opt to keep terrorism suspects in the US indefinitely, without trial. [Wall Street Journal]

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