Brookings RAs: Trying Very Hard to Get This Whole "Partying" Concept

littlesadIs this "memo" to research associates at the Brookings Institution funny ha-ha or funny sad? While it's no "Cathy," if you listen closely, you can almost hear the jokes lurching forward and then falling, regime-like, onto the page:

With the transfer of power in Iraq underway, the U.S. role in the Persian Gulf is once again being redefined. Yet, despite the neutralization of Iraq as a threat to its neighbors, Brookings staff and research assistants remain strangely disunited, threatening the stability of the region. . . To discuss developments in the Gulf and our social lives, Brookings is pleased to host a drinking session and discussion with XXXXXXXX, Minister of Revelry and Subculture for the United Floors of Brookings (UFB).
Ah, what passes for humor at the think tanks. . . sort of like what passes for thinking. [Click here or image for the full effect of this strained masterpiece.]

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