Brother, Can You Spare An Amero?

  • "Guns blazing, McCain is promising to ride into town to . . . oversee the creation of a commission to study the problem." [Washington Post]
  • Credit default swaps, deleveraging, and other financial terms you never thought you'd have to know until they were suddenly the most important terms in the whole world. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Your Distressed-Financial-Institution-and-Hastily-Chosen-Partner-Who-Is-Also-Distressed Of the Day: Morgan Stanley and Wachovia. [Financial Times]
  • Yemeni security forces have rounded up 25 suspected militants in connection with the recent bombing of the US Embassy there. [CNN]
  • Chris Matthews was right -- this financial crisis really is Hurricane Katrina all over again! Four days into the worst crisis since the Depression, President Bush finally notices the markets have gone a little soft. He is expected to fly over Wall Street, looking out sadly over the carnage below. [CNN]
  • A new poll shows a diminishing Palin bounce and suspicion that John McCain is just another Washington insider. [New York Times]

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