Brown People Flee Arizona, RedState Declares 'Mission Accomplished'


  • Hooray! Most of the Arizona Mexicans ran back to Mexico to harvest their taco farms, and the rest of them fled to Utah and joined the Mormon Church. [RedState]

  • From this moment on, the default setting for every new New York driver's license is DONATE ALL MY ORGANS TO ACORN. [Hit & Run]

  • AriZona Iced Tea is made by hipsters in Brooklyn and not by evil bigots in Arizona, okay? So please don't boycott this AriZona iced tea; it really has very little to do with Arizona. [Daily Intel]

  • Why won't America-hating WikiLeaks leak the most important story of the century ("Terrorists Are Mean, Too")? [Weekly Standard]

  • Jon Stewart wins a Matt Yglesias Merit Badge for disrespecting the iPad and calling Steve Jobs a geeky iVersion of Howard Hughes. [The Daily Dish]


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