Bryan Fischer Tries His Hand At Analogies

Bryan Fischer, don't you ever change! You're a perfect special snowflake of pure stupid, and even if by some miracle the entire wingnut-Christianist nexus in American politics somehow went away tomorrow, we would want some tiny portion of it preserved in a lab somewhere for study -- assuming a proper containment regimen could be maintained. Hey, maybe we could redeploy some of the 30,000 troops from the border between North and South Korea!

Science facts for Bryan Fischer: Length of the Korean DMZ: 160 miles. Length of the US-Mexico Border: 1,954 mi. And of course North Korea helps out by shooting anyone who tries to cross from their side.  Hmmmm... We wonder what kind of score Bryan Fischer got on the Analogies part of the SAT?

Just in case anyone thinks building a Messican-Proof fence along nearly 2000 miles of border would be a teensy bit difficult, Fischer immediately followed up with another tweet, with similarly inspiring logic:

Because building a skyscraper full of office space in the nation's richest city (even during the Depression) is exactly like building a border fence, DUH.

Finally, because Derp, like comedy, follows the Rule Of Three, Fischer bats zero for three in analogies-- all in the space of a single hour on a Saturday!

Will we bother mentioning Bryan Fissure's dumb blog thing Friday about how that innocence-destroying New Yorker cover "promotes child endangerment"? and "[uses] figures who are iconic to children to promote sexual deviancy"? Don't be silly. This is a post about bad analogies, after all, and unlike some people we could name, we have a little bit of respect for logical consistency.


Doktor Zoom

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