Budget That Wingnuts Demanded Still On Hold Because Of Wingnuts


Dumbfuck screech machine Dana Loesch and her merry band of ideological brethren have a giant confused today, which is a not uncommon condition for stupid people punching above their intellectual weight. What, aside from the usual stuff like the operating principle behind doorknobs, has the wingnutteratti more befuddled than Lindsay Graham in a West Hollywood bathhouse?

You may recall how the GOP for months made a big stink about the Senate not passing a budget for four years and how this was the greatest threat to democracy since Sparta installed the Thirty Tyrants in Athens. Then the Democrats in the Senate called the bluff by actually passing a budget and moved on to the next step of the process: naming members to go into conference with the House to reconcile the budgets passed by both chambers. GOP talking point defused!

Except no, because anchor babby Ted Cruz (R-Canadianistan), perhaps antsy after going ten full minutes without being a dick about something, used his senatorial privileges to block the Dems from appointing any senators to the conference committee unless they would agree ahead of time to not raise taxes or the debt ceiling. Which is a little like the Miami Heat saying they will be happy to play in the NBA Finals if the San Antonio Spurs will agree ahead of time to never take any three-point shots. Even the ever-crotchety Old Man McCain thought this was a dick move by his own party, and John McCain knows from dick moves.

So the whole budgeting process was at an impasse again when Harry Reid, a moderate Mormon who actually won Nevada in his last election, did a little trolling on the Twitter:


Which of course led to much herp and derp amongst the scholarly minds in deepest Wingnuttia. The geniuses at Twitchy called Reid a hypocrite because 86 days is NOTHING compared to "four years without a budget," which means that the GOP automagically has the obstructionist moral high ground until at least 2016. And logic master Dana Loesch also weighed in:


Oh please spare us all the public posturing. You noodle heads know damn well that majority rule means absolutely nothing in the Senate, where sixty votes are now needed to so much as decide what to order in for lunch, or one senator can place a hold on anything for no reason other than he skipped his morning Metamucil and is feeling grouchy. In fact, one of the reasons Cruz is pulling this stunt is to ensure that a debt ceiling increase will need sixty votes. But let us sum it up for you anyway, using small words and simple sentences so you'll be sure to understand: you nagged the Senate to pass a budget. The Senate passed a budget. Now your wingnut lickspittle of a senator is holding up the next step in the process just to be an asshole, because Obama. It's so simple even a St. Louis community college dropout should be able to understand.

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