Bulgaria Greets Great Satan With Upside-Down U.S. Flags

Hail Satan! - WonketteJust as the inverted cross is the symbol of modern Satanism, the upside-down American flag is how Bulgarians greet George W. Bush ... wait, what?

Dubya's visit to Bulgaria is rife with arcane and esoteric symbolism, as proven by this AP photograph showing one of the hundreds of upside-down U.S. flags displayed on the streets of the capital, Sofia -- every other flag hung this way, all along the route of Bush's motorcade.

This was done on purpose. Oh, we mean, "Officials in charge of the Bulgarian presidency's state protocol told local media they had received assurances by the company that Sofia City Hall authorized to put up the flags that everything had been coordinated with the U.S. Embassy."

White House Notebook: Flag Flub [WTOP/AP]

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