"Bulge" My Ass

its actually the control panelWe prefer that any talk about being "wired" and "mystery bulges" also involve tight parachute pants and, uhm, disco balls, which is sort of why we delayed posting anything about that totally credible theory that Bush wore an earpiece during last week's debate. Yes, we've seen the pictures. But we also watched the debate. If Bush was listening to some kind of radio signal, it was between stations.

In any case, Salon has seen fit to pick up the story and the Media Channel even got poor Mark McKinnon to go through the trouble making a statement about it:

I love this. Am tempted to say, 'I cannot confirm or deny,' and let the story get some legs. Or, how about, 'Since we put the metal plate in his head, we have had some measure of success with audio transmissions to the President.' Or, 'Yeah, but it clearly broke down during the debate.' Unfortunately, the truth is not nearly as interesting. The answer is, 'The President has never been assisted by any audio signal.'
We think this pretty much slams the lid on the conspiracy, personally: McKinnon mocked the idea (and mocked it well!), and that is not how the Bushies respond to getting caught lying. When they get caught lying, they keep lying. We would totally buy this Bush-is-wired thing if, for instance, they didn't just deny that Bush was wearing an earpiece but also denied that Bush was actually at the debate.

Bush Unplugged [Media Channel]

Bush's mystery bulge [Salon]


Is Bush Wired

UPDATE: At least one market is booming: "The Media Fund. . . For reasons of situation, this high-risk fund has tremendous potential yields. . . Project GWBB: "'Successfully get George W. Bush's alleged cochlear implant 'prompter' mentioned with some possible credibility in major media. Bonus for the publication of a New York Times-style diagram of this type of technology.'" [RTMark]


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