Burns Exhibits Awareness of Self, Giant Cowboy Hat


It was an introspective Conrad Burns at a picnic last week:

And just like I say, I'm the only guy in the world probably getting beat running unopposed," Burns said. "But I can self-destruct in one sentence. Sometimes in one word.

You know, words like "You [firefighters] did a piss-poor job," and "You guys didn't do a goddammed thing," and "I hate you flame-jockeys like the plague. THE PLAGUE." But it's sort of comforting to know that the embattled Burns isn't all bluster and Geritol. We applaud any and all efforts at senatorial self-reflection: blogs, personal essays, diaries...

"Dear Diary,

When I sleep, I see pictures. When a blind man sleeps, does he hear words? Kind of makes you think, don't it?

Also, I hate firemen. And retards. And the Pope.



Burns Defends Fire Queries [Billings Gazette via thinkprogress.org]


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