Bush Admin Throes the Book at 'Em

Quizzing Dick Cheney on General John Abizaid's refusal to confirm that the war in Iraq is in what Cheney characterized as "last throes," Wolf Blitzer noted that Abizaid "says the insurgency now is at a strength undiminished as it was six months ago. And he says there are actually more foreign fighters in Iraq now than there were six months ago. That doesn't sound like the last throes." Cheney went Clintonesque:

CHENEY: No, I would disagree. If you look at what the dictionary says about throes, it can still be a, you know, a violent period, the throes of a revolution.

Have to give the veep this one. We looked up "throes" in the dictionary and, indeed, no time period is specified. That's why the word he should look up in the dictionary is "last."

Cheney Interview [CNN]


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