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Did you know the whole Iran-White House thing is a big scam because both Bush and Ahmadinejad answer to the same boss, Satan? Well it could be true, as proven by this Conspiracy Planet photo comparison showing both unloved presidents doing the HAIL SATAN gesture. We've often posted pictures of Bush Junior worshiping his father in hell, but this is the first time we've seen Iranian McBeardy guy rocking the Heavy Metal Hands -- and check him out, all double-barreled and whatnot.

But what if Mahmoud y Jorge are both just lifelong devotees of Texas collegiate sports?

There is, of course, the possibility that the Iranian president is a covert Longhorn fan and is signalling other Longhorn fans that he is one of them, but the chance of that being true is little to none.

Oh good, well that's settled.

The bizarre and very public devil-worship behavior of the Bush Family has been repeatedly excused by Bush defenders as just the normal constant allegiance to the University of Texas Longhorns. It is completely normal and appropriate to make the "Hook 'em horns" wherever you are, no matter what the occasion. That's why Bush Junior has been repeatedly photographed worshiping Satan the football team of a college he never even attended.

Here's Bush showing his UT loyalty at, uhh, this month's memorial ceremony for 9/11 victims:

His wife and daughters are regularly photographed hailing UT, but at least they went to the damned school.

Illuminati Conspiracy:Fake Bush-Ahmadinejad Fight [Conspiracy Planet]


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