Bush and Kerry's Mountain Bike Math

bushonbike.jpgPresident George W. Bush and his opponent John Kerry have not yet gotten into a substantive debate about the future of the country, but they have taught Americans one thing--the extra $4900 you pay for a mountain bike is worth it.

Yesterday, riding his $3100 mountain bike, the President took yet another spill while riding on his ranch with an AP reporter in Crawford. And while we're not sure what The Guardian means by the headline, "Bush Rides Mountain Bike Hard", we're pretty sure that it had nothing to do with any "hidden strengths".

The bottom line is this:

George Bush + $3100 bike = 2 accidents

John Kerry + $8000 bike = Zero One accident

UPDATE: We don't know if some son-of-a-b*tch Secret Service officer got in front of him, but a loyal reader writes to remind us of John Kerry's May 2004 biking accident. After all, if biking skills qualified someone to be President, we'd be voting for Lance Armstrong.

Bush Rides Mountain Bike Hard [Guardian]

Bush pedals new program: mountain biking [USA Today]




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