Bush Appointees Impress Everyone, Accomplish Nothing

Pull the strings! - WonketteSince bringing on Josh "Yosh" Bolten as Chief of Staff, the White House has been replacing their dead weight with experience political heavy-hitters and respected old Washington favorites left and right. Robert Gates, Hank Paulsen, Fred Fielding, Tony Snow, and now Ed Gillespie are just some of the big names Bolten's lured to the White House to shake things up, give the President slightly less insane advice, and generally try to pry his brain from the grips of Dick Cheney's mind-rays.

Even long-time Bush critics have to give the White House some credit, as... oh, hold on, no they don't.

"Each major appointment he has made has generally been recognized as equal or superior to the one he replaced," said George Washington University professor Stephen Hess. But when asked whether he thought the new blood would cause the beleaguered administration to change course, Hess was not so upbeat. "Not really," he said.

Hooray for another year and a half of this shit! We hope their aren't any more high-profile resignations in the works, though, because we've got to be running low on reasonable people for the president to appoint and then ignore.

Will the Different Voices Make a Difference? [WP]


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