Bush-Cheney Poster Slogans: Administrative Notes

Thanks so much for all the creative posters. From the amount we've received, we assume that the Wonkette audience is made up largely of homeless people logging on from libraries. (Seriously: Don't you people have jobs?)

This amusing diversion is also apparently being picked up all over, and from a Daily Kos diary, we learn that this popularity is apparently confusing the poor GOP computer:

    Is anybody else having this happen.. I typed "I fooled ya once, let me fool ya twice", and up came "Jesus hates gays too!"

    I can't explain it, but this is awesome!!

Will post some of your slogans shortly. Now here's some money for a bottle of Thunderbird and please someone else have a turn.

UPDATE: Please no more Halliburton references.

W: All Things to All People [Wonkette]

Comment: Make Your Own Bush-Cheney Poster [DailyKos.com]


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