Bush Finds Many Similarities Between George Washington & Himself

One of these Georges is a twat. - WonketteGeorge Washington was a towering figure of the American Revolution, which we won. He was so beloved that even the staunchest supporters of the new republican democracy (or democratic republic) were stunned when he didn't proclaim himself king of the new nation, instead returning home to Mount Vernon where he intended to be a private citizen -- until the other Founding Fathers and the citizenry convinced him to serve as president.

George W. Bush is a jackass who actually lost one election to Al Gore and nearly lost another to John Kerry. He lost both wars he started. Instead of his portrait adorning the American Dollar, people put it on little poop flags. And he even managed to debase the memory of the Father of Our Country with the usual unfunny cornpone act he does with the Thanksgiving turkey or Santa Claus, but this time performed at Mount Vernon: "I feel right at home here. After all, this is the home of the first George W. I thank President Washington for welcoming us today. He doesn't look a day over 275 years old."

Bush Compares Revolutionary, Terror Wars [AP]


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