Bush Goes Crazy, Email Goes Crazier

Please, dear God, make it stop! Thanks for your enthusiasm, dear readers, about the George-Bush-is-a-Murderous-Loon-on-Prescription-Drugs story... but we're more than a little skeptical, in part because we have some recollection of seing the same story like a month ago. C'mon gang -- even Air America isn't running with this one.

Next thing, you're going to tell us that George Bush was really the doctor who gave Dick Cheney medical clearance to run for Veep back in 2000. Just hold yer horses. When the story is on Fox News -- or on MTV today after TRL -- then you'll know it's true.

Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Erratic Behavior [Capitol Hill Blue]

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Cheney Dismisses Rumors He'll Drop From Ticket [NBC4.TV]


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