Bush Interview: What's He Pretending to Have Read?

A few questions linger after last night's super exclusive cranky-as-hell Brian Williams/Bush interview. Like: shouldn't Brian have asked Bush to, say, summarize the plot of The Stranger? Because we are not convinced he read it. Or even, say, checked out the back cover. Also -- would it have been wrong of us to score this clip with "Killing an Arab"? Because we almost did.

And "three Shakespeares." What kind of reporter doesn't ask which ones? Because "Lear" would be awesome. Especially if he tried to divide the Crawford ranch between Jenna and Barbara (and, for the hell of it, Pierce).

And these Washington bios -- the President is aware that this doesn't count, right?

Finally, did the President did describe his reading style as "epileptic"?

President Bush Talks to Brian Williams [NBC]


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