The 4th or 5th defeat of the immigration bill yesterday also turned out to be the unceremonious death of President Bush's second term.

Bush emerged from reelection with four main domestic priorities for his second term, as identified by Rove and other aides: He planned to reinvent Social Security to allow investment of some funds in the stock market, overhaul the tax code from top to bottom, bring millions of illegal immigrants out of the shadows and impose tough new curbs on what he called excessive litigation. He is now almost zero-for-four.

Thankfully he still has his decisive victory in Iraq to point to.

With the apparent defeat of all of Bush's major domestic plans, he's forced to think a bit smaller. Goals for the rest of his presidency include:

* Nationwide ban on fat people criticizing the President.

* Replacement of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with "Dale Earnhardt Day."

* Securing funding for construction of the world's biggest ESPN Zone restaurant.

Sad story, really, to see his legacy reduced to the stacking of the entire federal judiciary with lunatic ideologues and a probably decades-long commitment to occupying an unfriendly middle eastern nation in the midst of an ethnic civil war.

Bush May Be Out of Chances For a Lasting Domestic Victory [WP]


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